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The Disparity Theory

Man has five senses (I am ignoring his sixth sense for the time being) which should ideally function to express what he feels. God designed the five senses with this view. But what happens in reality. Man manipulates with the expression of his senses and hides what he really feels inside. As time goes on it comes to him naturally. In due course man’s senses start to completely contradict what he feels. The purpose of the five senses is completely defeated when man tries to manipulate with them. (Some people end up saying things like “I did not mean what I said”. I ask them then what is the need to say what you don’t mean (feel)).

For example a man might say to a girl that he does not love her but he would be having strong feelings for her. Here the sense of speech has been manipulated to convey something contradictory to what the man feels. Ninety percent of what a person speaks turns out to be untruth. (Readers I have not done any market research and found the percentage. Simply an intuitive guess) here what I refer to as untruth is saying something contrary to feeling and not facts as is the general expression of the word. Like wise the sense of hearing, seeing, smelling, touching can also be manipualted by a man. Examples which I have encountered where these senses have been manipulated with are given below.

Sense of hearing- when we sit in a class room and listen to a boring lecture we just nod our head even when we did not listen to the lecture. Another example is if we had bought an audio cd paying more money and if it turns out to be a damp squib, then we pretend to our family members when we hear to the music as being excellent. [I notice that the sense of speech and body language is used by people to convey what they feel when they use their sense of hearing. So the sense of speech plays a major role in expressing what we feel.]

Sense of seeing- when I go out with my mother and if I find a cinema poster of a ‘A’ Movie then I would see it and when my mother looks at me I would pretend as if I am seeing somewhere else. Here again the sense of seeing is being manipulated with.

Sense of touch- When your wife is not in a mood to have sex and if you still want to do it, she obliges your need (because she might think that you might feel offended or displeased) and pretend that she enjoys it with her body language. Sex in many ways is responding to the touch of your partner.

Sense of smelling- when you go for dinner to your relatives home and if they had cooked radish which has a pungent smell and you hate it even then you act normal so that you don’t displease your host.

So the learning from the above examples is that we use our sixth sense to manipulate what the five senses ought to express. See the irony. Man who has been endowed with the sixth sense (thinking capability) uses it kill the expression of the five senses. Wish we did not have this sixth sense!

To conclude, god has given us these six senses to express what we feel. Let us from now on make a conscious effort to use our senses to express what we feel. Please don’t tamper with the five senses using your sixth sense which is so sacred (as humans only possess it) and which represent us as unique individuals even if we come from the same source (God).

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Hi Visitor(Myself, as i have started believing that i am the only reader of my blog!!)

This post and the posts on "Quest for Liberation", "Spiritual Realm", "True Renunciation" are articles taken from the Hindu. I dont claim IPR over this or the other three posts. I hope N.Ram wont mind me copying the article of his writers!! Since Plagiarism is the hot topic of this week (Thanks to Kavvya) i fear that the editor might sue me. Hope this Disclaimer helps!

This specific post is a article from Speaking Tree.

"Unless one is a householder, one cannot be saintly. Family, friends and others give us the varied taste of His love. However, we get attached to them forgoet Him and suffer. It is like enjoying the outer husk of a coconut while overlooking its inner substance.

Mother, Father, everyone, everything, is His. I only play a role. Then, I shall have to go. You, everyone, shall have to go. So how can you say he is my son, she is my daughter, he is my husband, she is my wife? Nobody is anybodys anything.

Everything, everybody, everywhere... same. There is no difference. He is within that body, undoubtedly. Body is moving by mind, through mind. Nobody knows nobody can explain. All are female, male... Purusha is one. He is within. In that way, its very difficult to understand. That is all mind function we are talking, all false, ultimately false. Here is my son, here is my daughter, here is my wife, my husband, we are talking. Actually, there is no difference.

Can you shoulder the responsibility of your small family even? You have to do your without inviting the dissipating and disintegrating forces of Nature. Duties are born with you, are latent in you. Make the best use of your talents with loving submission, otherwise you go against His design.

Human love, relations or companions bring disappointments, uncertainities, confusions, and disturbances of mind. Never pine for anybody who leaves you. There is no point in worrying so much. He is always with you.

A person cannot truly love another person. The mind attached with the body automatically develops self interest, attachments, attractions, distractions, wherefrom come tiredness, depressions, and differences. Untill - as a result of various trials - the mind becomes conscious of, and gets yoked within as the holder of the body and mind, we cannot relish the taste of constant bliss.

When the body is dead, do we make love to it? The indwelling atma- soul or individual life force is your lifelong friend. His love is all pervading. He sees Himself in everyone. Then where is the male female difference? All is, in reality, one substance, isnt it. Change your angle of vision. Recognise the real truth.

You have no right to harm anybody. You have no right to exploit anybody in any sense- politically, economically or spiritually. Be of good cheer. Your relations are his grace embodied unto you. Be with that grace and have faith in him. Let his will be done.

Living in this world, in our daily affairs there come anger, sorrows and afflictions. If we indulge them our mind will never be free of complains and we won't be able to go near Him. He never takes offence at human beings. He loves his created beings. Similarly, you must shun all sense of affronts and afflictions brought on for the purpose of feeling and realising Him.

Do not say "I LOVE YOU" to any person unless it is free from good or bad, or any other conditions. Worldly love is tainted with selfishness and falsehood. Todays love will be upset tomorrow when interests clash and differences come up. Human love is selfish. It is not steady and constant. That makes life burdensome. "

True Renunciation

To attain the ultimate goal of life, one has to know what it is and should also strive towards it. Time and again preceptors were born to reveal the path to salvation by their example and teachings. In the galaxy of such preceptors, Adi Sankara's advent is extolled as a landmark in the evolving spiritual tradition of india, since this prophet, thinker and yogi established the importance of the vedas and the upanishads at a time when they had started to lose their influence.

Adi Sankara embodies the spirit of true renunciation and his life inspires and inculcates by example this sterling quality that is the prime requisite for spiritual attainment, said Sri. B. Sundarkumar in a discourse. Renunciation springs in the inner recesses of one's consciousness and manifests in the way one thinks, acts and speaks.

Even from early childhood Adi Sankara was inclined towards asceticism and renunciation and remained steadfast in it. He successfully convinced his mother to let him take the monastic vow, remained unaffected by wordly objects and declined the wealth and honours that the king wanted to bestow on him.

His life and teachings repeatedly stress the ephemeral quality of human existence, and urge the jivatma to strive for the ultimate goal of life- attaining Brahma Jnana.

All relationships in this world are similar to passing acquaintances, and strange are the ways of the world. None can claim ownership to possessions on this earth, and neither can wealth assure anyone a berth in heaven. The world is not the reality but only an illusion(Maya) and what is attained in this world is similar to what is attained in one's dream.

Is there any lasting happiness in life where birth and death are certain? It is urgent for everyone to be engaged in Atma Vichara (self introspection). This helps to develop a sense of discrimination (Viveka) that perceives the difference between the true and the false, and enlightens with the knowledge (Jnana) of the everlasting Brahmam that is hidden in the maze of ignorance(Avidya).

The bliss of God realisation is far different from the passing and temporary states of joy and sorrow associated with the world. It is a unique experience, and having tasted it, one will never long for worldly pleasures.

Spiritual Realm


Does a Guru put a disciple to test?

I dont know about that but disciples definitely put the guru to test. Where is the time for the guru to put a disciple to test? He is desperately waiting for atleast one disciple who will create the necessary opening for the guru to do something truly significant with him. when you are desperately waiting, like a vulture, where is the time to put you through a test? Someone said to me: "Sadhguru dont look at me like that, you look like a hawk".

Yes, I am constantly looking. The vulture is constantly looking for a corpse, waiting for you to fall dead. I am also constantly looking for that one who will go beyond the physical. If i dont blink, i am just looking, i will definitely look like a vulture. So i wish i could test you, but where is the time to test you? And test you for what? You want an "A" grade, is that why you are asking this question? I dont have to test you. When i see you through and through where is the need to test you? Only if i cant figure out who you are, i have to test you.

I know this whole nonsense about god testing you. I think thats where this question comes from. Any test that you have passed in your life, if you give it to god, he will flunk it, because it is a completely different arena. Unfortunately when you go to your maths exam you are calling shiva. Just the wrong guy, he could not count his fingers; he could not be bothered. You dont take such a guy to the examination hall. He is for a different purpose.

Your guru is for a different purpose. All this testing is irrelevant in the spiritual realm. Maybe if i give you some work, i will test you first. If i want to make you in charge of the isha kitchen, may be i will test you in the samyama programme, because people are in silence and cannot open their mouths and complain. So if i have to give you some work on the physical level, definitely i would test you and appraise you. For spiritual purposes there is no need to test. A guru can clearly see every bag of karma for what it is. There is no need to be tested.

Quest for Liberation

Just as it is necessary for the spiritual aspirant to keep alive his thrist for knowing the ultimate purpose of his life, it is equally important for him to receive instruction from a preceptor who is knowledgeable, clear in his ideas and is able to explain the esoteric and abstract ideas in tangible terms. The uniqueness of the bhagavatgita and the uttara gita is that they contain the wisdom of the scriptures that is propounded, elucidated and clarified by the very source and authority of the highest knowledge, the supreme being himself.

The vastness and depth of knowledge present in the countless sastras presents a challenge, since a chance to go through them during one's brief life span does not ensure understanding. Therefore the intelligence should try to grasp the essence, the real meaning, just as a swan is able to separate milk from a mixture of milk and water.

Knowledge of the absolute lies beyond the reach of argument and logic, and is to be intuitively grasped since this comprises a sublime, magnificient entity, being both the unknowable and the unknown.

The enlightened soul perceives the omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient Brahmam in his inward vision and is able to see the manifestation in all created beings including his inner self.
The different forms, names, colours and tendencies that characterise the various aspects of creation do not confuse him. He is neither elated nor sad, and is not attracted by the external world. There is no doubt nor imperfection, no fear of temptation and only compassion towards all created beings.

The Jivatma has a choice to either identify or distance itself from the sense of "I" and "mine".
Only when the dichotomy between the indestructible self and the impermanent identities like the body, mind and the senses is recognised, can the individual choose to distance himself from the latter or any object of experience and identify with the immortal soul. This leads the soul out from the cycle of births.

Only when one is able to detach one's immortal self from the perishable embodied form can one cultivate the sense of discrimination (Viveka) that leads to dispassion (Vairagya).

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Thiruvasagam- Manickavasagar

I have copied here the english translation of the sacred verses in thiruvasagam written by Manickavasagar some 1000 years back. I would not have known about these sacred verses had it not been for Illayaraja who took some selected verses and composed songs with the help of Symphony orchestra.








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I call this as the review of the book " THE BOOK OF MIRDAD".
Usually review of any book contains the views of the writer regarding the book like the book is good/bad. But if I do a review of that kind with this book, that would mean that I had not read the book properly. Why do i say so. Because the core of the book is to teach people about eliminating Duality from their lives like good/bad, Beautiful/Ugly, Man/Women!! etc. So i decided to quote some lines from the book not because they are better than the rest but they do give me an idea of what i had learnt from the book. This review is entirely for my own reference and i had decided not to ask my friends to read this post as i usually do whenever i write a new post!! the reason for this decision can be known from the Quote from page 172. Therefore here it goes...( the page numbers are mentioned at the beginning again for my own reference.

15. The way that provides not for the way farer is no way to fare upon.

45. What you dislike and cast away as evil is surely liked and picked up by someone, or something else as good. Can one thing be at once two self excluding things? Neither is it the one, nor the other, excepting that your I has made it evil; another I has made it good.

55. For man is held by everything he holds. Release your grip on things if you not be in their grip.

57. So live as if your god himself had need of you his life to live. And so, in truth, he does.

59. Refrain from judging any man.

63. You have no friends so long as you can count a single man as foe. The heart that harbours enmity how can it be a safe adobe for friendship?

70. How hard it is to say the word that need in truth be said.

96. Be neither volatile to joy nor condensable to sorrow. But be serenely equitable to both.

101. How much of the life of a single day can you in truth assert you are conscious of? A very trifling part indeed.
If you equipped with brains and memories and means of recording emotions and thoughts, are yet unconscious of the major part of a single day’s living, why do you wonder that the stone is so unconscious of its life and will?

105. The overcomer do I preach- Man unified and master of himself. Man made a prisoner by the love of woman and woman made a prisoner by the love of man are equally unfit for freedom’s precious crown.
But man and woman made as one by love, inseparable, indistinguishable, are verily entitled to the prize.
No love is love that subjugates the lover.
No love is love that feeds on flesh and blood.
No love is love that draws a woman to a man only to breed more women and more men and thus perpetuate their bondage to the flesh.
The overcomer do I preach- The Phoenix man who is too free to be a male, too sublimated to be a female.

106. But men and women yearners must realize their unity even while in the flesh; not by communion of the flesh, but by the will to freedom from the flesh and all the impediments it places in their way to perfect unity and holy understanding.
Too vast is man and too imponderable his nature. Too varied are his talents, and too inexhaustible his strength. Beware of those who attempt to set him boundaries.
Man was not born to be a vassal, not even to his manhood. And man is ever yearning for freedom from vassalage of every kind. And freedom shall surely be his.

110. The very young and the very old are equally helpless. But the helplessness of the young conscripts the loving, sacrificial help of all. While the helplessness of the old is able to command but the grudging help of few. Verily, the old are more deserving of sympathy than the young.

124. Aye, it is more than hell to have wings of light and feet of lead; to be buoyed up by hope and dragged down by despair; to be unfurled by fearless faith and furled by fearful doubt.

127. Should truth be preached to all or the chosen few? Your breadth upon the wind shall surely lodge within some breast. Ask not whose breast it is. See only that the breadth itself be pure.
Your word shall seek and surely find some ear. Ask not whose ear it is. See only that the word itself be a true messenger of freedom.
Your silent thought shall surely move some tongue to speech. Ask not whose tongue it is. See only that the thought itself be lit with loving understanding.

131. As well engrave a name upon the sands of the shore as print it on the lips of men. The winds and tides shall wash it off the sands. A sneeze shall blow it off the lip.

134. An honour bestowed by men is easily taken away by men.

164. The sun and moon and the stars are since eternity awaiting to be seen and heard and understood; the alphabet of earth, to be deciphered; the highways of space, to be traveled; the raveled thread of time, to be unraveled; the fragrance of the universe, to be inhaled; the catacombs of pain, to be demolished; the den of death, to be ransacked; the bread of understanding, to be tasted; and man, the god in veils, to be unveiled.
‘Tis time men stopped the pillaging of men and unified their ranks to carry on the common task. Enormous is the task, but sweet the victory. All else is trite and empty in comparison.
Yea, it is time. But few only shall heed. The others must await another call- another dawn.

168. An overcomer’s life touches the life of every man on every side; for it contains the lives of all men. Whereas no man’s life touches an overcomer’s life on every side. To the simplest of men the overcomer appears as the simplest of men. To the highly evolved he appears as one highly evolved. But there are always sides of him which no man less than an overcomer can ever feel and understand. Hence his solitude and sense of being in the world yet not of it.

170. Every stumbling block is a warning. Read the warning well, and the stumbling block shall become a beacon.
Patience is health when leaning upon faith. When unaccompanied by faith it is paralysis.
When in doubt about the next step, stand still.

171. Approach in reverence all forms of life. In the least significant is hid the key to the most significant.
All works of life are significant- yea marvellous, surpassing and inimitable, life busies not itself with useless trifles.
To issue from the workshops of nature a thing must be worthy of nature’s loving care and most painstaking art. Should it not be worthy of your respect, atleast?
If gnats and ants be worthy of respect, how much more so your fellowmen?

172. Set a beacon aloft and go not about calling men to see it. Those who are in need of light need no invitation to light.

Often you shall think your road impassable, sombre and companionless. Have will and plod along; and round each curve you shall find a new companion.

So taught I Noah.
So I teach you.

[I thank the person who gave me this book after knowing that i was in need of light.]

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Do u know how Hush Puppies, the classic American brushed suede shoes made a great comeback in 1994?

Do u know why mutual exclusivity is so important in teaching Preschoolers?

Do u know how a single person Paul Revere started the American Revolution in 1775?

Do u know why Lexus spent huge amounts of money on recalling its luxury brand LS400 in 1990’s even when it had just two minor problems?

Do u know about the “Six degrees of Separation” which states that everyone is linked to everyone else in this world in just six steps?

Do u know how television advertisements will be most effective if the visual display created repetitive vertical movement of the television viewers heads!!

Do u know how ‘motor mimicry’ will help u in being a better salesperson?

Do u know about Sesame Street and how it got so famous in the US in 1960’s?

Do u know how Tetanus Vaccination for college students in Yale University tipped because of including a Map of the campus in the pamphlet!!

Do u know how the legendary Direct Marketer Lester Wunderman won in the showdown with Madison avenue firm McCann Erickson over the Columbia Record Club account?

Do u know how Todd Kessler, one of Nickelodeon Producer made drastic improvements in the format of Sesame Street and came up with Blue’s Clues which trounced sesame street in the ratings?

Do u know how Kelling’s idea of cleaning up graffiti and William Bratton’s decision to crack down on Fare beating(both inspired by Broken Windows Theory) helped in reducing crime rate in New York in 1980’s?

Do u know about “Fundamental Attribution Error” which says that human beings invariably make the mistake of overestimating the importance of fundamental character traits and underestimating the importance of the situation and context and how it explains the power of context?

Do u know about the controversial “Nurture Assumption”?

Do u know how Rebecca Wells book “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood” was nowhere near the best seller’s list when it was published and due to a small change was in the best seller’s list and stayed there for 48 printings and 2.5 million copies!!

Do u know why Graham Bell wanted telephone numbers to be of seven digits and how this is related to the concept of cognitive psychology called the channel capacity?

Do u know about the neocortex ratio and how it concludes that the size of any organization should be just 150 employees!! and how Gore Associates, a privately held, multimillion dollar high tech firm based in Newark, Delaware actually used this concept to become successful?

Do u know how Hutterites (who came out of the same tradition as the Amish and the Mennonites) formed their groups?

Do u know what is “transactive memory” and how this can be used in the most efficient way when u work in groups?

Do u know about the Diffusion model and the famous diffusion studies in 1930’s which introduced the famous terms in Advertising like Innovators, Early Adopters, Early Majority and Late majority, laggards?

Do u know how Lambesis advertising campaign inspired by the diffusion model made Airwalk the number three footwear Brand behind Nike and Adidas?

Do u know what the suicides in South Pacific island of Micronesia had to do with explaining Teenage Smoking!!

Do u know the results of the Colorado Adoption Project and how it supported the concepts in the Book “The Nurture Assumption”?

Do u know how Glaxo Wellcome pharmaceutical firm’s Anti Depressant drug bupropion made smokers quit smoking!! (Smokers might stop smoking if they read Tipping Point and come to know why people smoke!)

Do u know how Georgia Sadler’s public awareness campaign for diabetes and breast cancer was so successful in spite of the limited funds she had and devoid of advertisements in the traditional advertising media?

Do u know how “Indiscriminate Application of Effort” is used as a tool by many to stick to their jobs!!

Do u know how the toll free numbers are used as ‘Maven traps’ by organizations?

Do u know about the ‘strength of weak ties’?

Do u know how the three rules of epidemic (Law of the few, Stickiness factor, Power of context) work?

Do u know who are the three kinds of people (Connectors, Mavens, Salesmen) who possess the capability to spread epidemics?

Do u know how little things can make a big difference?

To know about all these read “THE TIPPING POINT” by MALCOLM GLADWELL.

Will this post be a Tipping Point in the sales of the book in India!!!

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Xerox copies

[The post makes one big assumption that people are nothing but their thoughts.]

What people expect from others is the content of this post.

Let me analyze this from the birth of a human being (after considering whether its birth of a child, boy, girl, person, man, women!!!) Oops it’s becoming tough to write a post esp. after a very long gap!

How do Parents bring up their child? Simple answer is “like them”. Let me explain the reason. When a father or mother scolds a child it’s because the child does things which they don’t want it to or which they don’t like. What this means is they are making a photocopy of themselves. The child does things as instructed by his/her (giving due consideration to the fact that even girls read my blog) parents and thereby imbibes the characteristics of its parents.

How do we make Friends? We have friends who possess the same traits and habits as us.
What this means is we jell with people “like us”. Ask any school boy or a college guy why he chooses someone as his friend. The reply will be “His frequency matches with mine”. We like people who are like us. The famous adage “Tell me about your friend I will tell about you” reinforces my view. Another example which proves my point is the way people form groups in the college or in the hostel. In the hostel People from the same state or people having same kind of habits or people of the same sex stay together!!Oops forgot that the last point is not willingly but forcibly implemented. This is one point where people(esp. boys) will accept diversity!!
So to summarize “People want Xerox copies of themselves in this world”. When u criticize a person, a idea, a event it means that it’s not according to your wish and what you wish is according to your thoughts...(read the assumption of this post)

Now imagine a world full of people like you (i.e. having same thoughts). Will you be able to enjoy in such a world. Do u really know that what keeps life interesting is diversity and not similarity.

Oh! Over with the post. It’s really tough to put forth theories if at all this is one. I fear that u may be confused with the entire collection of words in this post. So let me tell u the moral of the post.

Learn to appreciate diversity.

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BACKWATERS'05 Posted by Hello

VICTORY IN IIM-K Posted by Hello

Hi visitors

Forgot briefly that I have a blog...was so busy in the last month, even missed on the usual 10 hrs sleep daily(excluding that in the class)!!!

Had a great time and lots to write…

Let me limit this post to my experience in IIM-K ‘backwaters05’ event in which I participated. We were 10+1.U may ask why 10+1 and not 11. It’s like u go and buy coconut for a rupee and u get a piece (KOSURU) free… hope the 11th person is not reading this post.

We were seven boys and four girls with the luggage of 15 people???!!! U must have understood the plight of the seven. We started from NIZAMUDIN (NEWDELHI) RAILWAY STATION to CALICUT by MANGALA EXPRESS. The best thing about the train is there is no need for u to look at ur watch if u have the schedule of the train. I was surprised with the punctuality of the INDIAN train. But the duration of the journey, two whole days tested all our adaptability skills. Everyone who has traveled by train knows how inhospitable they are, esp. the loo. I was surprised to find a drawing on the door of the loo (where occurs creativity)!! Unfortunately our cabin was adjacent to the loo and the place smelled like hell. We complained to the TTE and got a response which was absolutely unthinkable. He said that he will get it cleaned it in the station where it is usually done and that station was to come after 12 hours???

We reached there a day before the competition and so we visited THUSARGIRI waterfalls (a nice way to warm up before a competition!!) and had an enjoyable time there except for a rock which had its worst day. Abhishek(the guy wearing red T-shirt) eager to swim was running towards the natural pond formed there and slipped. WHAT A FALL WAS THAT MY COUNTRYMEN, ITS NOT ABHISHEK WHO FELL BUT I AND YOU (TO QUOTE AN INSTANCE FROM JULIUS CAESAR) unfortunately the rock split into two pieces… pity the rock !

The competition started with teams from all the reputed b’schools from India participating. We had only one option that is TO WIN as we had got the entire trip sponsored by saying to the DIRECTOR that we will win. We got the first prize in OPERATIONS GAME and second prize in MARKETING GAME. We got a T-shirt especially designed for the event having these words “if they ever tell my story let them say that I walked with giants”. I would like to add to it “and defeated them in their own turf”

The last words it had was “I was there”…